Raising Business Finance

Now that we’re really coming out of recession, many business owners are looking for business finance to either turn an amazing idea into reality, or to grow the amazing idea more quickly.

Raising finance can be tricky, bank lending remains in the doldrums despite Government promises. However, the business owners I’ve met love a challenge and there are plenty of opportunities out there to raise much needed support to grow your business if you want it.

The path you take ‘just depends: it depends on how much you want; how much you can afford; how much control and independence you want to retain in your business and how long you’ve got. Here’s an ‘at a glance’ picture I paint when I’m first talking to clients about finance options – start at the top for most control and independence, start at the bottom for higher amounts of finance and less personal liability.


The business finance landscape is continually changing and researching funding options can be complex and time consuming. Professional advice can save you time and lead you to the best solution for you and your business – we’re here to help so why not give us a call.

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